This Website and presence marks a new chapter in the life of Caburlesque. Mainly that It is now solely owned by LadyTramp Designs Ltd. and no longer associated with the previous partner,  Harem Entertainment.  That said we are still determined to bring you the same or better quality of show that you have come to expect and know from Caburlesque.

The first of the shows that we will bring you is the Return to the Royal Gala show, taking place on Saturday the 7th of June at The Fringe Bar in Wellington. featuring our favourite MC and Queen of Entertainment, Sadie von Scrumptious, who will be introducing all of the Duke's,  Dame's, Princesses and Princes on stage and keeping the castle walls from collapsing around us.

But what of the Fool, He is still imprisoned in the DJ booth and is there to be jeered and booed if he does indeed make a fool of himself.

Since this is a primarily a blogging page on the site, We will attempt to keep you up to date with changes and indeed shots and comments from the show, Oh the joy of mobile devices, we hope that you enjoy your time with us and no one screams 'Off with their Heads'.