SoundBitch is still buying toys to make the show look and run easier (for him anyway), the current toy is computer control of the stage DMX lighting system.  This has progressed from Arduino devices to FTDI-DMX interfaces and computer software. Any show producer or DJ/lighting tech knows the joy and frustration of turning up to a new venue to find only a few lights work or even better a lighting system so complex that you need three hands to mix the lights for the show. Enter SoundBitches little toys, the basic setup of the Fixtures is all you really need and any lights that you bring with you can be added to the end of the chain and easily controlled. Nothing is better than a site with 30+ channels of lights and only a 24 channel mixer installed. As long as you know the address layout and fixture type you can control it all much easier from a laptop.

Ok the transitions are quicker and you don't get that traveling mix from red to blue on only two of the three lights, or an incorrect mix on one light because in the dark you are moving the wrong slider because your fingers have the cramp, but on the other hand the lights work and mix the way you intended in the first place. 

Photo courtesy of Ataahua Pinups

Photo courtesy of Ataahua Pinups

I know that I can buy an open DMX adapter from ENTTEC but I wanted to build one and play. That and I'm cheap and wanted to do this with Free software and  be able to modify anything that I wanted. Also the ability to run on Mac or Windows is a plus, as a lot of the hardware does not have drivers for both operating systems. That said the basic device cost me $24 NZD rather than AU $70 +gst and shipping. See I told you I was cheap. 

New toys will continue to turn up at shows as we progress but we will continue in our attempts to make the ladies look pretty and the show as enjoyable as possible for all involved. 

If you want to discuss these toys with SoundBitch just corner him during the break or after the shows. Or even leave a comment here on the website and he might get back to you, you never know your luck.